Geothermal Program

The Division of Oil and Gas (Division) administers the geothermal exploration and development program for the State of Alaska. Geothermal resource exploration and development is authorized under AS 38.05.181 with regulatory guidance outlined at 11 AAC 84.700-950.

The State may dispose of lands with geothermal potential through issuing prospecting permits or leases to explore and develop geothermal resources. Disposal of land for geothermal exploration and development may only occur after lands are designated as proposed geothermal disposal area and a best interest finding is issued authorizing the disposal. Geothermal prospecting permits are valid for two years and may be renewed for one additional year. A geothermal prospecting permittee may convert the permit to a non-competitive geothermal lease. Geothermal leases are issued for a primary term of 10 years and may be renewed for one additional term of five years. Only state-owned, unencumbered lands will be available for lease or permit.

For more information on Alaska’s Geothermal Leasing Program, please contact the Division here or 907-269-8800.