North Slope

Petroleum Systems and Exploration Potential of Northern Alaska

An Introduction to the November 2012 State of Alaska Areawide Lease Sales (A video presentation by Paul Decker)

The Historical Resource and Recovery Growth in Developed Fields on the Arctic Slope of Alaska Poster Series

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Tarn Reservoir Quality Presentation

Reservoir Quality and Petrophysical Model of the Tarn Deep-Water Slope-Apron System, North Slope, Alaska

North Slope of Alaska Facility Sharing Study - May 2004

North Slope Facility Sharing Study PDF

This study was commissioned by the Alaska Department of Natural Resources, Division of Oil and Gas to address issues associated with processing facility sharing agreements for future North Slope activity. The goals are: to characterize the existing facilities, their current throughput, and their theoretical capacities; to identify the needs and desires of independent producers and North Slope facility owners and operators; to describe how facility access is managed in other oil and gas provinces; and to develop guidelines for facility access on the North Slope. Exploration and drilling activities are not addressed in this study. Only issues related to facility sharing and availability of space in pipelines are addressed in this report.

Interior Basin

The State of Alaska and the U.S. Geological Survey, in a cooperative effort, have compiled all of the geological and geophysical data for the interior of Alaska at a scale of 1:500,000. These data are available both in digital form as well as map form. The compiled data consist of the total-intensity magnetic-anomaly, the complete Bouguer Anomaly and the mapped geology, and cover the major interior basins of Alaska. The limits of data coverage are from 61° to 66° latitude and 144° to 159° longitude.

Interior Basin Studies Map

The gravity, magnetic and geologic maps are now available (Maps GP-1016, GP-1014 and OFR 98-133, respectively). Paper maps can be obtained from the USGS. The digital data (OFR 98-133A) have been compiled on a CD and are also available from the USGS.

USGS Contact Information:

U.S.Geological Survey
Alaska Science Center
4230 University Drive
Anchorage, Alaska 99508-4664

Biostratigraphic Analysis

Biostratigraphic Analysis of Northwestern Alaska Peninsula Bristol Bay Basin Exploration Wells

The Alaska Department of Natural Resources, through both the Division of Oil and Gas (DOG) and the Division of Geological and Geophysical Surveys (DGGS), completed technical studies in preparation for the areawide lease sale offering of state acreage on the Alaska Peninsula in October, 2005. The offering is the first state lease sale in the region since 1985. DOG is committed to assembling and publicly distributing as much geological and geophysical data and interpretation as possible as a means of renewing petroleum industry interest in this under explored area. For example, in January, 2004, DOG released to the public an extensive compilation of digital information, including geologic maps, well logs, and seismic data free of charge in a three-volume set on compact disk.

In order to better define the regional stratigraphic and structural framework of the Tertiary-aged Bristol Bay Basin (also known as North Aleutian Basin) in advance of the proposed lease sale, DOG contracted with Micropaleo Consultants for professional services to complete a biostratigraphic analysis already in progress of 11 key exploration wells, representing both onshore and offshore penetrations of the basin. The data and interpretations are provided in both fully digital and hard copy formats.

Photomicrograph Plates (TIF) Palynomorph Plates

Siliceous Microfossil & Calcareous Nannoplankton Plates 1 - 3

Foraminifera Plates 1 - 5

Biostratigraphy Correlation Sections (PDF)

Alaska Geologic Carbon Sequestration Potential Estimate

This is the final report for the Alaska Geologic Carbon Sequestration Potential Estimate: Screening Saline Basins and Refining Coal Estimates Project under contract number MR-045, conducted by the Alaska Department of Natural Resources. The information from this project contributes to the California Energy Commission PIER's (Public Interest Energy Research) Environmentally Preferred Advanced Generation Program.