Milne Point Product

Milne Point Products Pipeline (orange)
Milne Point Products Pipeline (orange)

The Milne Point Products Pipeline is a roughly 10-mile NGL supply line built in association with the Milne Point Oil pipeline. The eight-inch products pipeline transported natural gas liquids from Oliktok Pipeline to the Milne Point CFP for use in enhanced oil recovery processes. The Milne Point Products Pipeline was built in 2000 on the same pipe racks as the Milne Point Oil Pipeline.

Milne Point Product News

There is no current Milne Point Product news.

Current Operator
  • Harvest Alaska, LLC
  • North Slope
Original ROW Lease Dates
  • December 05, 2000 - December 04, 2030
  • Natural Gas
Diameter (inches)
  • 8
System Length (approx. miles)
  • System Length: 10.40
  • Length on State Lands: 10.40
Normal Wall Thickness (inches)
  • 0.277
Associated ADL Numbers
  • 416172
  • Above Ground
Year Constructed
  • 2000 - 2000