Alpine Utility

Alpine Utility Pipeline (red)
Alpine Utility Pipeline (red)

The Alpine Utility Pipeline is one of three pipelines, each approximately 34 miles long, that connect the Colville River Unit (CRU) to infrastructure in the Kuparuk River Unit (KRU). The Alpine Utility Pipeline transports treated seawater from the KRU Central Processing Facility (CPF)-2 to the CRU Alpine Central Facility for use in enhanced oil recovery. The Right-of-Way Grant was issued pursuant to AS 38.05, the Alaska Land Act, and became effective January 6, 1999. The Grant was originally between the State of Alaska and ARCO Alaska, Inc. for the transportation of water, a fiber-optic cable enclosed in a conduit, and two spare conduits in the Colville River crossing. The grant is held by ConocoPhillips Company and expires on January 5, 2049.

Alpine Utility News

There is no current Alpine Utility news.

Current Operator
  • ConocoPhillips Alaska, Inc.
  • North Slope
Original ROW Lease Dates
  • January 06, 1999 - January 05, 2019
Amended Lease Dates
  • January 05, 2019 - January 05, 2049
  • Seawater
Diameter (inches)
  • 12.75
System Length (approx. miles)
  • System Length: 34.20
  • Length on State Lands: 23.70
Normal Wall Thickness (inches)
  • 0.33
Associated ADL Numbers
  • 415857
  • Above Ground
Year Constructed
  • 1998 - 1999