• About the State Pipeline Coordinator's Section

    Trans Alaska Pipeline Pipeline Coordinators Office

    The State of Alaska's policy, as set out in Alaska Statute (AS) 38.35.010, is that development, use, and control of a pipeline transportation system make the maximum contribution to the development of the human resources of this state, increase the standard of living for all its residents, advance existing and potential sectors of its economy, strengthen free competition in its private enterprise system and carefully protect its incomparable natural environment.

    The Department of Natural Resources Commissioner has been given all powers necessary and proper to implement this policy and to issue leases of state land for pipeline rights-of-way, to transport products under conditions prescribed by AS 38.35.015 and the associated administrative regulations. The Commissioner further delegated the authority and responsibility, as allowed by AS 38.35.210, to administer right-of-way (ROW) leases to the State Pipeline Coordinator.

    The SPCS was established within the Department of Natural Resources by Administrative Order in 1987. That and subsequent Administrative Orders established the SPCS as the lead agency for the State in processing pipeline ROW leases under AS 38.35, the Right-of-Way Leasing Act (Administrative Order 187). This responsibility included coordination of the State's efforts related to the federal ROW process. The SPCS also coordinates the State's oversight of preconstruction, construction, operation and termination of jurisdictional pipelines.

    In July of 2015, the State Pipeline Coordinator's Office was incorporated into the organizational structure of the Division of Oil & Gas.