• Division Programs

    The Mission Statement of the Department of Natural Resources is to develop, conserve, and enhance natural resources for present and future Alaskans. The Division of Oil and Gas is charged with carrying out this mission with regard to the management of the state's oil and gas and geothermal resources.

    To this end, the division's primary objective is to maximize the physical recovery of the state's oil and gas resources in an environmentally sound and safe manner, and the economic revenue from these resources. The division fulfills this objective by:



    The Leasing Section issues, enforces and tracks state's oil and gas leases. It conducts regularly scheduled competitive oil and gas lease sales, outlined in the Five-Year Oil and Gas Leasing Program submitted to the Alaska State Legislature.


    The Permitting and Compliance Unit issues lease operations approvals for activities on state oil and gas leases and also permit geophysical exploration programs.


    The Royalty Accounting Section tracks, analyzes, and reports statistics for oil and gas royalties paid to the state.

    Exploration Licensing

    A program offered in areas of the state outside the known oil and gas provinces.


    Oil and gas production units and participating areas are administrative boundaries based on production and lease-ownership percentage.

    Commercial Section

    The Commercial Section strives to fulfill Alaska constitution's goal of maximizing the use of Alaska's natural resources by providing economic expertise.

    Geographic Information

    The GIS Section is a tech-support group for the Division of Oil and Gas and produces digital maps, presentations and other cartographic products like area maps, sale boundary maps and tract and unit maps.