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    One of the primary duties of the Division of Oil and Gas is to develop and manage Alaska's oil and gas leasing programs. In order to accomplish this goal, diverse data from a variety of sources are collected, compiled, and analyzed. These data then help in the management of Alaska's oil and gas resources and in setting resource policy.

    The division makes available certain data, reports and information products. These products take a variety of forms, from highly refined analytical reports, instruction forms and templates to digital boundary collections.


    Alaska Oil & Gas Report

    Alaska Oil and Gas ReportThe Alaska Oil and Gas Report (previously named the "Annual Report") publishes production and consumption reports for oil and gas, as well as production and consumption forecasts. The report has not been published annually, but is put together by our staff as time allows. Production numbers by month can be found at the AOGCC website.

    Best Interest Findings

    Before the Division of Oil and Gas sells, leases, or otherwise disposes of state land, the director makes a finding of whether or not, on balance, the lease, sale, or disposal is or is not in the state's best interest. The current and historic findings can be found in the Best Interest Findings page.

    Monthly Lease Activity Reports

    Monthly Lease Activity Report lists leases which have had changes to their ownership (assignments), to their participation in a unit, or to their status (issued or closed) during a particular month. Various other Leasing Reports are also available for viewing or download.

    Five Year Lease Sale Program

    This report from the Division to the Legislature outlines planned oil and gas lease sales for the upcoming five years, as well as sale results for the past year. The report is published annually in January.

    Oil & Gas Inventory

    The Oil & Gas lease inventory tables provide data on the number of active leases, their payment status, and the total onshore and offshore lease acreage by sale area and lease type.

    Media Releases

    Media Releases related to Oil and Gas Activity within the State of Alaska.

    Current Public Notices

    Current Public Notices published by Leasing, Permitting, Royalty, Units and other sections of the Division of Oil and Gas.

    Publications By Area

    Final Best Interest Findings and information on specific oil and gas lease sales and exploration licenses for the five Areawide Lease Sale Areas and Exploration Areas.

    Other Reports

    A variety of publications, some of which are only available through the Division of Oil and Gas.


    Various presentations made by the Division of Oil and Gas for conferences, for Legislature and other briefings available for download in pdf format.

    North Slope Gas Regulations

    A list of regulations governing North Slope Gas, Public Notice and Supporting Regulations.

    Royalty Reporting Instructions Forms

    Royalty reporting instructions referenced by regulation, data checks and EDI codes for filing royalty.

    Exploration Licensing Documents

    Information about exploration and incentive programs, documents and maps pertaining to current and proposed oil and gas exploration areas in the State.

    Royalty Decisions

    Royalty modification decisions regarding oil and gas. Contail Nikaitchuq Final Findings and Decision and Area Map.

    GIS & Map Data Downloads

    Maps and cartographic information related to Oil and Gas leases available as shapefiles and pdfs.

    Public Map Viewer

    Interactive web map viewer containing information related to oil and gas, including active lease, unit, PA, and well data.

    Oil & Gas Lease Data Extract

    Oil & Gas lease data derived from the State's Land Administration System (LAS).

    Forms & Templates

    Commonly used forms and templates like bid forms, lease forms, permit appllications and questionnaires.

    Promotional DVDs

    Link to Divison of Oil & Gas promotional material: see table of contents and order DVDs.

    Geothermal Leasing

    Information about geothermal exploration and lease sale at Mount Spurr and Augustine Island tracts. Links to other geothermal resources in the State of Alaska are also provided.