Permitting: Mitigation Measures

  • Mitigation Measures

    The Division of Oil and Gas conducts a program of regularly scheduled competitive oil and gas lease sales on state lands. The program outlines a stable and predictable schedule of proposed lease sales, which could result in the further development of Alaska's petroleum resources. AS 38.05.035(e) and the departmental delegation of authority provide the Director, Division of Oil and Gas, with the authority to impose conditions or limitations, in addition to those imposed by statute, to ensure that a resource disposal is in the state's best interests. Consequently, to mitigate the potential adverse social and environmental effects of specific lease related activities, DO&G has developed mitigation measures and will condition plans of operation, exploration, or development and other permits based on these mitigation measures. Lessees must obtain approval of a detailed plan of operations from the Director before conducting exploration, development, or production activities. A plan of operations must identify the sites for planned activities and the specific measures, design criteria, construction methods and operational standards to be employed to comply with the restrictions listed below. It must also address any potential geophysical hazards that may exist at the site. These measures were developed after considering terms imposed in earlier competitive lease sales and comments and information submitted by the public, local governments, environmental organizations, and other federal, state, and local agencies. Additional measures will likely be imposed when lessees submit a proposed plan of operations. The most recent mitigation measures will be applied to all operations, regardless of when the lease was issued.