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    Regulations are rules adopted by state agencies. Government rules that affect the public or its rights are adopted as regulations. Regulations are different than statutes. Statutes are laws passed by the legislature, and regulations are adopted by a state agency under delegated authority from the legislature in order to implement and/or interpret existing statutes. Regulations must be consistent with statute.

    Before regulations can become law, the agency proposing the regulations must follow a careful process outlined in the Administrative Procedures Act (Alaska Statutes 44.62). The agency first has to determine that it has the legal authority to adopt regulations, and that these regulations are "reasonably necessary" to carry out a statutory purpose. The process then includes drafting the proposed regulations, soliciting public comment, revising the proposal based on comments if appropriate, and review and approval by Alaska Department of Law, the Governor's Office and the Administrative Regulation Review Committee.

    There are currently no active regulation packages to comment on, but general comments can be sent to

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