• Lease Sale Program

    The Division of Oil and Gas conducts a program of regularly scheduled competitive oil and gas lease sales on state lands. A new Five-Year Oil and Gas Leasing Program is submitted to the Alaska State Legislature each January. The program outlines a stable and predictable schedule of proposed lease sales, which could result in the further development of Alaska's petroleum resources.

    Competitive oil and gas lease sales are held in the already-producing North Slope, Beaufort Sea and Cook Inlet areas. Current year's lease sale report is available at Leasing Reports Page.

    Lease Administration

    Following an oil and gas lease sale, the Lease Administration Unit is responsible for issuing leases and assuring that the terms of the lease agreement are met. The Unit also maintains a list of all noncompetitive and competitive lease sales held, indicating the sale number, the sale location, lease effective dates and lease forms used.

    Each lease is assigned an ADL (Alaska Division of Land) number. A case file is then established. To research information about a particular lease, the legal description or the ADL number will be needed. Case files are located in Suite 800 of the Atwood Building, 550 West 7th Ave. Access to lease information is also available via the Web at Alaska Department of Natural Resources' Land Administration System.

    Best Interest Findings

    Before the Division of Oil and Gas sells, leases, or otherwise disposes of state land, resources, property, or interests in them, the director must first determine in a written finding that the interests of the state will be best served. The written finding, known as a best interest finding, considers and discusses relevant information, reflecting the hard look and reasoned approach that the division takes in making its determination whether a particular action is in the state's best interest.

    The best interest finding group is responsible for developing these written findings before each oil and gas lease sale, exploration license, and geothermal lease sale.